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Until sign up for your room

step 1- At first Contact

Please feel free to phone call or e-mail to us to know the vacancy.
Even if you don't know anything about Tokyo, we will answer any questions and help you to find the rooms !!
So first of all ,make a contact with us from
or telephone 03-3810-9822
or e-mail : info@guesthousetokyo.jp

step 2 - Go to see the rooms

We'll take to you to see the rooms at the appointment day.
Or it is also possible to make a reservation from your country without seeing the room. Then you have already your room from your first day in Tokyo !

step 3 - Reservation

When you choose the room to stay, make a reservation.
Let us know from when you'd like to move in.
Pesron who take the reservation from abroad should come to the office and sing up to have a room key.

step 4 - Sign up

For sign up you need,
one month rent fee, \30,000 for deposit and passport or a ID card.

step 5 - Finish

And now you can get your room key and start new days in Tokyo !!
Have a good stay in Tokyo !!

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