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Metro Chiyoda Line, Machiya station

Guesthouse in real local area in Tokyo where cost of life is very reasonable.
But you can reach almost all the center of Tokyo in 20 min !
For Ochanomizu 10 min. Hibiya 15 min. Harajuku 25 min. with Chiyoda line.

 address 3-8-3 Higashi-Ogu, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo 116-0001
access  10 min. walk from Machiya sta. Metro Chiyoda line
1 min. walk from Higashiogu 3chome sta. Doden line
6 min. walk from Kumano-mae sta. Toneri liner
rent ¥ 39,000 ~ ¥ 70,000  more details see down↓
Room 201 is avalable for 2 persons (¥80,000)

*The expenses for lighting and fuel  10.000yen/month, for two 15.000yen/month

¥ 30,000

 When you move out, cleaning fee ¥10,000will be taken

and the rest wiil be payed back when there is no damage to repaire the room.

rooms 3 tatamis up to 8 tatamis large rooms
Bathroom, toilet, kitchen are shared.
Washing machine and Internet are available.


 in the room : aircon, bed & beddings, table & chairs

ac bed  bedding  table and chair


sharing space : TV , cooking heater, utencils & table ware,refregerator

 microwave, broadband internet connection  

refrigerator  microwave gas heater tableware  cookware  dining

washing machine  TV



room no.  rooms  rent  deposit  vacancy
201 japanese style real 8 tatamis   ¥59,000 ¥30,000 full
202 5 tatamis large  ¥53,000 ¥30,000 full
203 3 tatamis large  ¥41,000 ¥30,000  full
204 3 tatamis large  ¥41,000  ¥30,000  full
205 4.5 tatamis large  ¥46,000  ¥30,000
6 tatamis large ¥53,000  ¥30,000  full




kotani205.jpgroom 205

kotani202.jpgroom 202


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